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Blog Tours

So, what’s a blog tour?

In a nutshell, it’s exactly what it sounds like…a tour through blogs. Basically, a blog tour is a new marketing technique being explored within the social medium of blogging. So far, the concept has been used by authors promoting their books, although I could see how eventually it could expand to additional products. Rather than sitting in a bookstore, waiting to autograph copies of his book, an author can make appearances around the world from the comfort of his own office. With the use of multi-media, authors can even conduct readings and interviews to supplement the blog postings. This technique is attractive because it saves time and money, as well as the emotional cost of low turnouts at a book signing. Bloggers also benefit from blog tours through increased traffic to their blogs and higher rankings from the blitz of links.

The design of a blog tour may vary, based upon the desired outcome. An author may chose to make appearances on a small number of high traffic blogs or may simply try to appear on as many blogs as possible. The tour may hit a different blog every day or several different blogs every day or week. It may be organized geographically or by scheduling convenience. The wide-range of possibilities make for an extremely flexible marketing tool.

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