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I’ll admit it: I was skeptical that I would actually like the book. Even though I’m coordinating the tour for Sherri, and knew she was a great writer, I wasn’t sure I’d actually enjoy Leave it to Chance purely from the standpoint that I’m not a huge “Christian Fiction” (much less romance!) reader. The genre evokes a stereotypical (although often true!) judgment that the book will be cheesy and preachy. The characters often spend too much time in forced situations or conversations, just so the author can weave in the “Christian” part. Blech!

(aside: Let me say I am a growing fan of Christian fiction, as more authors are placing a higher priority on writing a good novel than on having their “message” heard. Hooray!)

So when I received Leave it to Chance in the mail on Saturday afternoon, I planned to skim through the book so I could write my post. To my surprise and delight, I couldn’t put it down! Although a few elements of the story are pretty convenient (eg the protagonist in the book inherits a horse, but she’s terrified of horses as a result of a childhood trauma), and the ending is a little predictable, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. Sherri skillfully painted a picture of the effects of divorce on not just young children, but an entire circle of people. I thought her characters had real conversations and were completely believable as real people. I appreciate that Sherri doesn’t try too hard to make her book a “Christian” book. Her writing made me laugh and cry, and stay up way too late.

It’s been quite a while since I read a book I couldn’t put down. (Yes, I did finish it late last night). Leave a comment on this post, and you could win your own free copy. I’ll draw a name randomly on Friday at 3pm CST. If you don’t win, I still recommend checking Leave it to Chance out.

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