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I met Mary a few years ago at Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference, and I am so thankful that she has become a dear friend since then. Mary is the reason I ventured into blog tours since she asked me to coordinate her tour for her book, Authentic Parenting. Mary is diligent and tenacious in her marketing efforts, and I admire how much she gives back to the writing community. I know you’ll enjoy her thoughts today.

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
Three and a half years. I started to keep our prayer/financial supporters updated on our missionary journey as church planters to France.

2. How do blogging and/or blog tours fit into your overall marketing plan?
I will always do a blog tour for every book release.

3. What are three (or less) keys to your success in promoting your books (or other products) through blogging?
Give away free books. Developing ancillary products that I advertise on my blog. (For instance, 150 Conversation Starters. They also tie into Authentic Parenting).

4. What do you think are the Big Mistakes writers make when blogging for promotion?
Thinking it will make for big exposure and sales. It’s more micro than that. It’s said that a customer needs five touches to make a purchase. Blogging or blog tours is simply one touch.

5. What does a blog tour accomplish, if anything? What data or analysis has led you to believe that?
See this article.

6. What should be the goals of a blog tour and how do you track whether or not a blog tour is successful?
You have to tie it into actual sales. The only way to do that is to sell actual books on your blog or website. Then you can track them. Amazon numbers are fickle and do not necessarily give you the hard data you need.

7. What are the components of a successful blog tour?
Check out this article.
8. Any other additional thoughts on blogging and blog tours?
Do not send out the same content to fifty blogs. Totally boring. Do exclusive interviews or write fresh articles.

Thanks for sharing your insight, Mary!

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